Your Letter Can Save Ukrainian Children

You’re just 6 handshakes away from a Ukrainian kid facing the horrors of the war

The world is too small

The “Six handshakes” theory says that everyone on Earth is six or fewer connections away from each other. The handshakes might rather be clicks since the Internet has erased all boundaries. You can imagine it as a huge chain, and you’ve always been a part of it.

The war in Ukraine affects everyone — including innocent kids

More than 200 children have already been killed. On average, a Ukrainian child is killed every 6 hours.

Ukrainian children will continue to suffer as long the war goes on

Russia is not going to stop the aggression. Putin’s forces are escalating the conflict. Only the Ukrainian Army can stop the pain and suffering.

Ukrainian warriors desperately need heavy weapons to win the war — more fighter aircraft, helicopters, tanks, missiles, and anti-tank rockets. The US is already helping a lot. But it’s still not enough to outgun Russia.

You have the power to help Ukraine stop the atrocities.

Tell your representative to provide heavy weapons to save the innocent.

step 1
Send a Letter To Your Representative
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Honorable Rep. [Representative Name]

My name is [Your Full Name], and I am a community member who resides and works in your district.

I support Ukraine in its struggle against the Russian invasion. I want to ask you to do everything in your power to help Ukraine win the war that mass-murderer Putin has started. Ukraine needs heavy weapons, heavy artillery, heavy armor, air defense systems, and attack aircrafts. Here is the detailed list that was created by Ukrainian volunteers, entrepreneurs and military experts:

Ukrainians have proven that they are willing to sacrifice everything for their freedom and independence and can stand their ground against a numerically superior foe with much more firepower. I believe that the United States can and should play a decisive role in stopping the atrocities committed in Ukraine.

The crimes against humanity committed by Russian forces in Mariupol and Bucha must be stopped! We shouldn’t just stay aside, when a crazy dictator is ordering his troops to massacre innocent women and children, we must act!

Empowering Ukrainians to defend their homeland is morally and pragmatically the right thing to do. I ask you to sign a letter that your colleagues in Congress have already sent to the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, urging him to increase military aid to Ukraine (

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Go to your representative website and find here:
Paste the letter into
the form and submit it.
step 2

Send a Tweet to Your Representative!

ZIP code must be 5 digits
“tell your elected official to provide heavy weapons”
“I will ask my representative to arm ukraine now”